Notable Contributions

We have chosen a small cross section of some of the areas where our history and the contributions of our Black heroes will stand the test of time, particularly in world: Arts & Culture, Sports, Entertainment, Acting, Music, Politics, Science and even astrology.

Black History Month Tour

Black Gifted Network’s Black History Month selection from Google Arts & Culture Exhibition.


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Our selection of some of the top Black nominated Actors and Actresses of all time.



Mandela, Obama and countless other Black politicians who have made their mark on the world.


Stylish models and fashion icons that have made their mark on the world.



The Spoken Word


Sports probably the one sector where our great achievements simply can not be absent from any well respected history books.  Whether the topic is athletics, cricket, gymnastics, football, basketball, golf, boxing, tennis and even motor racing the achievements of our black heroes will forever stand the test of time. We salute you!

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